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Your new workstation
in the cloud.

Rethink the way your business works with our powerful, secure, collaborative,
easy-to-manage and cost-effective cloud PCs.

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What is it

Economical. Secure. Anywhere.

A powerful workstation for the price of a pizza

Enjoy scalable performance and Preset flexibility. More cores, GPUs and memory are just a click away with high-end hardware. Configure your Preset to suit your needs without limit, whether it's for office work or fluid simulation.

Better protected than a physical computer

Each member of Preset has its own environment, isolated from the other members by recognised components, with its own hardware. Furthermore, your Preset runs on Tier 3 + ISO 27001 (Secured Hosting of IT Infrastructure) servers, which are secured with the same technologies used by banks.

Work anywhere, anytime

Access your Preset anywhere, anytime! No need to carry a professional workstation. Go mobile! Preset is accessible everywhere. All you need is a lightweight device and a few Mbps connection. Enjoy being remote, the world is your office now! Plus you can turn any device into a powerful workstation in seconds.


What makes us unique?

Access your files anywhere.
Turn your Preset's hard drive into cloud storage that can be accessed at any time. Say goodbye to Dropbox and Google Drive.
Share your Preset with the world.
Copy and paste the web link of your Preset and share it instantly.
Manage your IT simply.
Create Presets, manage access and rights, collaborate with your teams, and stay on top of security.
And many other features.
Automatic Windows and driver updates, broadband connection, integrated VPN, Sidecar.

Tuned for startups
and companies

For Startup


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For Company


  • Advanced security tool
  • Sharing files between Presets
  • Collaborative and synchronised storage cloud
  • Integrated VPN
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For Startup


  • Windows 11
  • GeForce GTX 1080
  • 500Mbps connection
  • Up to 2 users at the same time
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For Company


  • Windows 11
  • AMD RX 6800 or Nvidia RTX 3070
  • 1Gbps connection
  • Up to 4 users at the same time
  • Advanced security tool
  • Sharing files between Presets
  • Collaborative and synchronised storage cloud
  • Integrated VPN
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What people think about Preset?

“I am extremely surprised by the overall quality of the product, both the Preset client and the hardware components. It is almost always extremely smooth.”



“Accessing your Preset files and using your hard drive as cloud storage is both an economical and revolutionary idea. I don't have to pay excessive subscriptions anymore, with Preset I do everything.”


Telecoms engineer

“I had Shadow, I tried Preset and I was seduced because with the fiber it works like a charm, not to mention the power of the machine. I can't wait for it to come out.”



“At times you may experience some disturbances related to video streaming, especially if your connection is not stable, but the rest of the time everything works perfectly.”


Video editor

“No need to buy PCs for my employees, I can create Presets in minutes and manage access and rights. In addition, there are automatic backups to avoid losing data if there is a problem with a machine. I don't have to worry about my IT assets anymore.”



“The fact that you can share your Preset with anyone is an advantage in terms of productivity. I can directly give access to my Preset so that my colleague can continue my work.”


Materials engineer

Do you still have questions?

Why I should use Saturn?
Should I pay for this template?
Can I use the same photos in my project?
How to customize color and typography?
What is Preset?

Preset is a powerful computer in the cloud, but above all it is an all-in-one service. Create virtual machines, configure memory, power and storage to best suit your needs. Manage rights and access, create application profiles and teams dedicated to certain Presets. Collaborate more easily by sharing files directly between Presets and with up to 4 people on a single virtual computer. Allow your employees to share their Presets with anyone, monitor which applications are being used and integrate popular tools such as Slack or Trello directly into your Preset to receive notifications.

What can I do with Preset?

Preset is powerful enough to run any Windows application, such as web browsers, communication tools, design tools, office tools, games and much more.
But that's not all, Preset is also and above all a suite with many features, VPN, cloud storage, Preset sharing, collaboration, etc... Everything you need for you and your employees.

What devices are compatible with Preset?

Preset works with almost any device with an internet connection: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, IOS, Apple TV, and even browsers.

What Internet connection is required to use Preset?

We recommend a minimum speed of 15 Mb/s for any type of Internet connection, including cable, DSL, fibre or even 4G LTE. Preset should be configured according to your available bandwidth. For the best experience, we recommend using an Ethernet connection or a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network.